Publicity Stunt


To help you stand out of the crowd,

we develop striking ideas that resonate

in today’s noisy world.

What we

believe in:


A powerful story, a tailor-made strategy and our reliable media network.


With memorable pop-up installations, untraditional billboards and high-end street art, we turn streets and places into eye-catching attractions.

What we

build on:


Strong visual appeal, high-quality production, strategic high traffic locations and the smooth integration of interactive elements.


Whether it is a premiere, special screening, launch event or happening: The events we realize stick in mind.

What makes

the difference:


Our eye for detail, the unique locations we pick, our experienced team and our endeavor to create lasting memories.


Inspired by movies we love, we recreate their universe and invite guests to discover it in real life for a limited time only. As a first mover in the German market, we want to establish Cine-Mania as a well-known event series in our home market.

What we

trust in:


An innovative concept, locations that help us tell our stories, professional actors and authentic props and costumes.