Der deutsche computerspielpreis 2021
digital event

Der Deutsche Computerspielpreis (DCP) is a gaming awards show where the best German gameplay developers, producers, distributors and esports players are honoured. The BMVI asked us to create and organize the Gala Award Show. The challenge: Due to the pandemic we had to implement an awards show without a live audience or industry representatives, yet still let them participate. 


We knew that we had to redevelop the traditional DCP concept and make it more accessible to the gaming community. This show was one of the first big livestreamed shows in Germany, and we were aware of the technical challenges. Our concept was to integrate a gaming expert co-host and a live community host to directly respond to comments and provide additional community interest content from the world of German gaming. 


Der DCP — hosted by Barbara Schöneberger and Nino Kerl from — was a great success.
With 30 video inserts, more than 70 individual live talks via stream, and our community host, the show received the highest acceptance among the gaming community in the history of the DCP. 
Over half a million viewers across YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter watched the streams. The DCP was picked up by all major print, digital, and TV media, and became talk of the day.

 Client: MBB