ballon cinema release I Press event


Studiocanal asked us to provide creative ideas for a special press shooting event for the theatrical release of Balloon.  Our idea to pick of the main theme of the movie, refer to the history and the present  at the same time and offer an exciting and big picture possibility hit the spot. To deal with german authorities and the weather indeed were the real big challenges.



The plot of the movie was one of the most dramatic escapes from the GDR. We decided to set-up an original full-size replica of the balloon - which was  an eye-catcher itself - in the center of attention.  And to place it in front of the Reichstag in Berlin.


After lots of calls and coordinations with the authorities ,we finally get the approvals to start. 1,245 square metres of colourful fabric laid out on  an area of 30x30 metres in front of the Reichstag. After inflating the full-size of the Balloon, it was available for shootings and became the big picture in all media coverage. It was the biggest press activity  in the history of Studiocanal.


BALLON at German Reichstag Stunt